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Couple Gift Ideas: 25 Perfect Presents for Every Special Occasion

Looking for the perfect gift to give to a couple? From engagements and weddings to anniversaries and Christmas, these 28 couple gift ideas are perfect presents for any occasion.

28 gift ideas for couples

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Best Engagement Gifts

One of the first times you need to buy a communal gift for your couple friends could be in honor of their engagement. Before now, you may have known them better as individuals and probably bought them separate gifts, but now that they’re tying the knot, things have changed. 

They’re merging their lives together and that means they will be the proud recipients of many couple gifts to come. (That doesn’t mean, of course, that you will never give them separate gifts again. It just means your options for gift-giving have expanded). 

Here are several of the best gifts to give to newly-engaged couples.

  1. Humorous Engagement Candle: For the couple who waited waaaay too long to get engaged, this funny candle is the perfect addition to an engagement gift basket. Obviously, this kind of humor isn’t for everyone, but if your favorite duo is the kind of couple who appreciates a good laugh at their own expense, this is a great gift idea. Alternatively, you might consider a classier personalized candle to help them commemorate the special occasion. This one could be a special keepsake that they’ll cherish for a long time. 
  1. Bottle of Champagne with Flutes: If you really want to go all out to congratulate the happy couple, an upscale bottle of champagne with two champagne flutes could be the answer. Engagements are incredibly special events, so help them celebrate in style with a bottle of bubbly. 
  1. Wedding Cake Knife and Server Set: Gifting the happy couple an engraved cake knife and server will not only save them from having to purchase them for the big day, they’ll also have a longlasting set they can use for years to come.  
  1. Cooking for Two Cookbook: For younger couples who haven’t lived together yet, a cookbook can be a great gift to help them prepare for married life. Cooking for Two is full of recipes perfect for couples to test and master together. 
  1. The Knot Book of Wedding Lists: For couples who love planning every detail, this book is the perfect gift. If they’re freshly on their wedding planning path, a book like this will help them think through the details of their special day and make sure they aren’t forgetting anything. 
  1. Do One Thing Every Day Together Journal: The wedding planning phase of a relationship can be hard. Couples are spending time together but it’s not always quality time. It’s easy for it to become all about logistics and lose the connection piece of hanging out. This journal offers prompts for couples to talk about and connect on a deeper level. 
  1. Where It All Began poster: Commemorate a special date like the day they met, their first date, or their engagement with this customized Where It All Began poster. There are several styles to choose from including standard, black and white, and vintage, and the product is a digital file so you can print it in different sizes to suit your needs. To complete this thoughtful gift, simply print it out and mount it in a nice frame. 
best couple gift ideas for engagements

Best Wedding Gifts

The next major occasion that you’ll likely need couple gift ideas for is their wedding. When your favorite couple says “I do,” you want to find a special gift to show them how much you care and to help them get started in their new lives together. 

The first place to start is certainly the wedding registry. If they’re the type of couple who’ve taken the time to set up a registry, you owe it to them to at least check it out. There are likely many specific items on that list that they would love to receive and the best thing to do is probably to grab something off there. 

However, the registry route isn’t always an option. Some people don’t create a registry while others create one that is either too short or too pricey to be of much help. You may also find that choosing a gift from a registry is too impersonal and you’d feel happier giving them something with a personal touch. 

Going rogue for a wedding gift is totally fine, as long as you know the couple well and have a good sense of what they’ll appreciate. Home decor, for example, is an area where tastes are very particular and you likely don’t want to venture a guess at what they’ll like unless you’re fairly certain. 

Likewise, appliances or other kitchen items that they haven’t asked for are probably not the best way to go as they likely have them already or don’t want them. 

Those caveats aside, here are some unique gifts to consider if you’re going to seek something out on your own. 

  1. Keepsake box: Personalized items that help them commemorate their wedding can be a beautiful gift. If I’m particularly close to the couple, I like to take lots of photos throughout the engagement and the wedding and make them a photo album or scrapbook to look back on. Another idea is to give a wooden keepsake box where they can store precious memories of the wedding (invitations, place cards, handwritten vows, a piece of jewelry) and bring them out in years to come to relive the special day. These can even become family heirlooms that are passed down to the couple’s children. 
  1. Personalized coasters: Coasters are something everyone needs but not everyone would think to put on their gift registry. And honestly, even if they have them already, it can never hurt to have extras, especially if they are fond of entertaining. You can get them engraved with the couple’s names and a special date or year to personalize the gift. 
  1. Personalized cutting board: Again, wooden cutting boards are something that it’s always good to have a few of. Getting a beautiful one personalized with a special message or the couple’s last name makes for a sweet gift that they’ll use all the time.  
  1. Cashmere sheets: For an indulgence that most couples probably won’t treat themselves to, high-quality cashmere sheets are a top choice. Lightweight and breathable, these sheets keep sleepers warm without weighing them down. 
  1. A special trip: Couples who have been living together for a while may not need anything else for their house. In this case, why not get a gift together with a few other friends or family members and send the married couple on to a special place such as a nearby resort for a long weekend? Gifts like this give the couple a chance to get away for some special time together at a time in their lives when they might not be able to make that a priority and to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Best Anniversary Gifts

After the wedding, every year brings a new opportunity for gift-giving. Although it’s not common to receive anniversary gifts from friends and family outside of the major milestone dates, parents and very close friends may want to find the perfect way to acknowledge their loved ones’ anniversary date. 

Anniversaries have traditional and modern gifts associated with them, so you can stick with those or go in a different direction. Something as simple as a gift card to a favorite restaurant can make an anniversary a memorable event. 

Use the chart below for inspiration on traditional and modern anniversary gifts, or check out our specific wedding anniversary recommendations below. 

best couple gift ideas for anniversaries
  1. Personalized handmade ceramic mugs: Beautiful handmade coffee mugs with a personal message on the bottom are a great way to acknowledge an anniversary. Couples will see them each time they drink coffee and be reminded of your support for their marriage. 
  1. Movie Night Popcorn Set: If you need a simple gift for couples who love to stay in and watch movies, this popcorn set is a great choice. With three kinds of popping corn and five seasoning mixes, they’ll be ready to go for their next movie night. 
  1. Tabletop Smores Maker: For couples who love camping and making smores, help them keep the magic alive all year long with a tabletop marshmallow roaster. With four detachable trays and four roasting forks, this set is perfect for family game nights or for a small dinner party. 
  1. Picnic Basket Backpack for 2: This picnic basket backpack set is perfect for couples who like going for hikes and picnics or even just having dinner at the beach. The ergonomic backpack is comfortable to wear and contains two cutlery sets, dinner plates, cotton napkins, and wine glasses, a cheesesetter knife, a bottle opener, salt and pepper shakers, a plastic chopping board, and a water-resistant fleece blanket. It also has two cooler compartments and a wine bottle holder. (Four-person set also available).
  1. Anniversary Journal: For reflective couples who like to record their memories, a keepsake journal is a great reminder of all the anniversaries they’ll share together. 
  1. Date Night Scratch-Off Cards: When you have been together for a while, making time for date night often falls to the bottom of your to-do list. Help them keep their bond strong with a set of date night scratch-off cards. Available in both a Staying In and a Going Out edition, these date night idea cards and their accompanying conversation starters are a gift that keeps giving. For the adventurous couple, you might want to check out The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition as another option for scratch-off date ideas. 

Best Housewarming Gifts for Couples

Though housewarming parties don’t seem to be as common as they used to be, it’s still thoughtful to give a small housewarming gift when a couple moves into a new home. 

Traditional gifts are small food or home decor items that carry a special meaning. For example, a gift of bread comes with the with that the house will never know hunger while a candle gift bestows the wish that the recipient will have light through dark times. Other traditional gifts include honey, houseplants, and brooms. 

best couple gift ideas for housewarming gifts

Here are a few suggestions derived from these traditions. 

  1. Bottle of wine with a custom label: This is a really easy way to give a thoughtful, personalized gift. Simply purchase a new home wine bottle label from Etsy, stick it on a bottle of your favorite wine, and make a big splash at the housewarming party. 
  1. Honey Taster Trio: For a gift that’s as sweet as honey, why not give, well, more honey? This honey taster trio includes three 2.8 oz sample jars of honey. Featured flavors include cinnamon spice, turmeric gold, and white raw honey. 
  1. A coffee table book: For couples who love to decorate their home and create beautiful spaces, a coffee table book about design isn’t just a practical gift, it also doubles as lovely living room decor. 
  1. Spices and Infused Sea Salts collection: Salt might not seem like a good gift, but for couples who enjoy cooking together, it might be the perfect present. A set of six infused sea salts doesn’t just spice up their culinary creations, it may also lead to new adventures in the kitchen as they explore different ways to use their artisanal spice blends. 
  1. Ooni Pizza Oven: Why give the gift of bread when you can give the gift of pizza? If you’re purchasing a housewarming gift for a couple you’re very close with and want to splurge a little, an Ooni Fyra wood-fired outdoor pizza oven is a popular appliance for home chefs. Cooking pizzas in as little as 60 seconds, an outdoor pizza oven is a must for future pizza parties. 

Couple Gift Ideas for Christmas

Outside of these special occasions, the main time most people buy gifts for couples is at Christmas. The holiday season brings with it lots of joy and cheer, but also the pressure of planning and purchasing great gifts for everyone on your list. If you do your Christmas planning early, It’s easier to find the best gift ideas for couples, whether they are DIY Christmas gifts or gifts that keep giving all year long

When you need an awesome Christmas gift for couples, check out these ideas.

  1. Wine subscription: A wine subscription gift works well for couples who already love wine and exploring new regions, grapes, and concepts, or those who are just starting to get into wine. Each month, they will receive a set number of bottles to try. This gives them something fun to do together and also helps them build up their knowledge about different wine varieties. 
  1. A coffee subscription: Wine is definitely not the only beverage of choice you can have delivered to someone’s door. If the couple in question loves their java, a 3-month coffee subscription will help them wake up and smell the coffee for many glorious weeks. 

Perfect Experience Gifts for Couples

For couples who have everything and really don’t want or need more stuff in their homes, consider giving experience gifts. They give couples the opportunity to do something fun and memorable and don’t take up any space in the house. 

  1. Airbnb Gift Card: Give the gift of time away with an Airbnb gift card. Useful for both getaways and Airbnb experiences, this gift is highly customizable and lets them choose a trip or event that they’re both excited about. 
  1. Masterclass subscription: Gift a subscription to Masterclass and give them the opportunity to learn a wide range of new topics that align with their personal interests. 
  1. Dinner and a movie: For a classic date night idea, you could give them gift cards to have dinner at a local restaurant and see a movie at a theatre afterward. Although it’s a simple way to spend an evening, it can be so satisfying to have someone take away the work of trying to plan something to do on your date night. With gift cards to specific places, all they have to do is drive to the locale and enjoy themselves. 

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Whatever the special occasion, buying gifts for couples can be a highly rewarding experience. You get to show your love for a couple of people you truly care about and watch them enjoy something special you picked just for them. With these couple gift ideas in hand, you’re sure to give a winning gift every time. Which of these gift ideas for couples are you going to give next? Which would you love to receive? Let us know in the comments.