Guest Post Submission Guidelines

1 Thessalonians 5:11

We would love to share your stories of rest

Pursuing physical and spiritual rest is a fundamental aspect of the Christian journey. When we are unable to rest in who we are in Christ, when we constantly question our identity and self-worth, when we run ourselves ragged trying to prove that we are capable, we miss the opportunity to clothe ourselves in His love and peace, to find His calling on our lives, and to live that out in a sustainable way. 

Although there are many factors in this process that are universal, the specific ways in which we each come to this understanding and place of rest will be unique. Some of us need to be hit over the head with these truths a little bit longer than others (myself included, of course!) and there's no point keeping that hard-earned wisdom bottled up.

We would love to share your stories of how you've learned or are learning to rest in Him, both spiritually and physically. What does that look like for you on a daily basis? What experiences did you have to go through to understand the gift of rest that He offers? What did you have to sacrifice to fully experience that rest?

Whether you are an empty nester looking for new purpose in your life, a stay-at-home-parent struggling to keep up with the laundry and the dishes, or an entrepreneur clocking 60-plus hours per week, you have a unique story to tell about what rest looks like in your life, and we want to hear it!

Guest post submission calendar

We accept and review guest post submission six times per year. 

  • January 1-15 - for posts featured in February-March
  • March 1-15 - for posts featured in April-May
  • May 1-15 - for posts featured in June-July
  • July 1-15 - for posts featured in August-September
  • September 1-15 - for posts featured in October-November
  • November 1-15 - for posts featured in December-January

You will hear from us before the end of the month in which you submit your post. 

Submission guidelines

  • We are more likely to publish posts by engaged readers of My Cup Runs Over. Take a look around at our existing posts, engage through comments and/or social sharing, and subscribe to our newsletter. We are working to develop a strong community, and voices emerging from that community will receive preference for publication. 
  • We do not accept queries; please send complete pieces only.
  • We want to hear your personal story. What have you learned about resting in God? If a specific passage from Scripture helped you reach your conclusions, please share it, but don't forget to also tell us how you've applied that wisdom in your own life. 
  • We only accept original pieces that haven't appeared elsewhere (including on your blog).
  • Posts should be between 700 and 1400 words and should be formatted for web reading - the use of bullets, lists, subheadings, and short paragraphs is strongly encouraged. 
  • Please edit carefully for clarity and readability. There will be some editing involved, but posts requiring heavy editing will not be considered. 
  • Submit your post as a Google doc, with your name and the title of your post as the document title (i.e. Sophie Elise - What I've Learned About Rest).
  • If quoting Scripture, please include the translation. 
  • Please do not submit promotional posts. 
  • Submission does not guarantee publication. We reserve the right to refuse submissions without cause. Due to time constraints, we cannot provide feedback on your submission unless it is accepted. 

Publishing rights

  • If you have a blog, please share an excerpt of approximately 300 words from your post on the day of publication with a link to the full post on My Cup Runs Over. 
  • All rights remain with the author of the post, but we ask you wait at least 12 months before reposting the piece on a different site.      

Formatting, headshot, bio

  • Please send a square headshot no greater than 1000 x 1000 or 1MB. 
  • If you have an image that goes will with your post, you may submit it, but we can't guarantee that we will use it. We may crop it or add text to fit with the overall look of our site. If you don't have an image, we will provide one. You must own the rights to any image you provide, or it must be licensed by creative commons. Please indicate the source of your image and keep the file size to under 1000 x 1000, or 1 MB. 
  • Please email photos as jpegs, preferably in landscape or square format. 
  • Please include a 1-3 sentence bio. You may include a link to your website and up to two social profiles. 

Submission checklist

Please send your complete submission package to for consideration.

This checklist will help you ensure you have met all requirements. Posts not meeting all requirements are very unlikely to be accepted. 

  • Check the submission calendar and make sure you are submitting within the allotted dates
  • Post is in Google doc format with your name and post title in the document title
  • Post is between 700 and 1400 words
  • check
    Post has been edited for clarity and readability (it's best if you have a friend or spouse look it over for you to catch things you may have missed)
  • check
    Post has not been published elsewhere
  • check
    Sharing settings are turned on to Anyone with a Link Can View
  • check
    You've included the document link in the body of your email
  • check
    The subject of your email is "Guest Post Submission"
  • check
    You've attached a square headshot
  • check
    You've attached your cover image (if applicable)
  • check
    You've attached a short bio with a link to your website (if applicable) and up to two social profiles

Thank you so much for your interest in sharing your story on My Cup Runs Over. We look forward to hearing from you!