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Easy Breakfast On the Go: Pastry Cone with Fruit Skewers

When you’re short on time in the morning, it can be tempting to grab something insufficient or unhealthy. It’s easy to get stuck in the habit of grabbing a drive-thru breakfast sandwich when you’re in a rush. Why not try this delicious breakfast pastry cone instead? With just a few minutes of prep in the morning or the night before, this yummy meal makes for an easy breakfast on the go.

Heathy Breakfast to Go

Mornings can be tough. Whether you’re rushing out the door to get to school and work, or you’re staying home and serving a hungry crowd like I am, you don’t want to spend a long time making breakfast. Time management is made simple with recipes that you can make quickly. You need easy breakfast ideas that you can grab and go quickly. 

At my house, the kids usually want cereal or toast with almond butter as soon as they wake up, but even these low-prep meals use up dishes that need to be washed and definitely can’t be taken in the car or on the bus. Healthy eats can be easy, too! When you need to get out the door quickly, or move onto another activity right away, you need something that is mess-free and effortless. This recipe is so easy to put together it’ll make you feel like you’re a professional organizer!

Easy fruit skewer breakfast on the go for better time management

These breakfast pastry cones with fruit skewers make for a healthy on the go breakfast. They can be prepped the night before or immediately prior to consumption. Kids will love helping to lace the fruit onto the skewers. (If you’re getting your kids to help, I highly recommend prepping in advance as children aren’t usually known for their quick speed at tasks like this!)
But not only is this recipe great for a quick healthy breakfast on the go, it’s also perfect for a brunch gathering. You can whip up a tray of these pretty quickly and serve them to guests with no dishes and no mess. They’re fun, delicious, light and easy, and they’re sure to be a hit with adults and kids alike.

Which Ingredients are the Best for Taking On the Go?

You can use any type of fruit, berries, and pastries you like for this meal. Grapes, strawberries and blueberries tend to work really well, both for skewering and for traveling. They are firm and not too juicy and they hold up well in the fridge and on the go. In fact, if you’re wondering where to start decluttering the fridge is a great place to start! Stick to ingredients like these that are versatile, and keep well.

If you’re serving this at home and aren’t in need of a grab and go breakfast, you could also try using raspberries, orange slices, cubed melon, fresh pineapple, or kiwis. You can put each type of fruit on its own skewer or create a fun rainbow design by spreading each type of fruit across the skewers. When you’re trying to ‘do it all’ at once, simple recipes like these can be prepped ahead of time for an easier morning.

Organization idea for making healthy fruit skewer breakfast on the go

For pastries, you can pick your favorite types, including gluten-free or vegan pastries. In the sample photos, we’ve used chocolate croissants, because, well, they’re amazing. 

But, of course, this isn’t the healthiest breakfast option. If you are not feeling quite as indulgent, you could substitute mini scones, healthy banana chocolate chip muffins, or your favorite pancakes. (You can pre-make a batch of pancakes on the weekend when you have a bit more time, and store them in your freezer for a quick on the go breakfast idea. Just microwave briefly before adding to your skewer) 

Whatever ingredients you decide to use, this healthy breakfast to go is definitely a winner!

This recipe can be made in small or large quantities. I have placed the amounts for 1 cone below. Just simply multiply it to the amounts you want to make

Everything you need for a healthy breakfast on the go colorful fruit skewers

Prep time: About 5 minutes (or less) per cone


2 small or medium pastries of your choice

5-7 strawberries

10 grapes

8-12 blueberries

Skewer sticks


  1. Cut tops of strawberry and place them on a skewer
  2. Place grapes and blueberries on the skewers
  3. Place Pastries on the skewers
  4. Arrange everything in a food cone. These can be bought on Amazon, found at the dollar store, or made yourself by cutting a 12×12 piece of paper in half diagonally and rolling and taping.