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As winter draws closer and we’re spending more time inside, I find myself desperately craving a little space in my home where I can escape to have a little quiet and work my way through the stack of books in my to-read list. Even if you’re short on space, it’s possible to set up a cozy DIY reading nook in your bedroom so you can get a little alone time too. Here’s how to do it.

diy home reading nook for your bedroom setup and instructions

A reading nook is a cozy space where you can slow down for a moment and curl up with a good book. And trust me, you don’t need to be an interior designer to create a reading space. But most of us don’t have a dedicated space to do that, and that’s okay. 

Not a lot of space available? No problem! You don’t need a lot of room to set up a cozy DIY reading nook in your bedroom. Besides, there really is a better place for reading besides your living room! Better yet, you might even get to organize your books in the process.

It will feel like your very own home library with just a few touches. From cozy window seats, to stylish wingback chairs, we’ll take a look at some of the options available for a reading spot. If upgrading your favorite reading spot is on this year’s to-do list, we’ve got you covered.

Bring new life to that awkward corner in your bedroom or sneak in a cozy sofa by the foot of the bed. It’s super simple! In this post, I’ll show you how to make the reading nook of your dreams with these simple tips and tricks.

1 Find the Right Spot

Find the right spot for a reading spot in your bedroom

Look around your bedroom and try to find a spot by a window. If you have good natural lighting, then you’re halfway there already! Take advantage of your window and place a comfy chair right in front of it. Don’t have a lot of natural light? Opt for a standing lamp, instead. It saves space and your whole bedroom will get a Pinterest-worthy makeover. 

The thing about reading nooks is that you don’t really need an entire room to set it up. You’re not trying to create a study or an at-home office, after all. A nook is just that, a cozy corner where you can unwind with a good book and a cup of tea.

If you don’t have enough space for a standing lamp, then add some functionality by setting up a coffee table with a reading lamp instead.

2 Choose Your Reading Nook Chair Wisely

Woman sitting in chair with good lighting in reading nook
Relaxing woman sitting comfortable in sofa lounge chair smiling happy looking at camera.

When hunting down for a good chair, focus on comfort, cushioning, and durability first. Don’t focus too much on aesthetics because you’ll be spending a lot of hours in it, so comfort is key. Sure, creating hospitality through your furniture and décor is important, but so is your personal spaces!

Since you can’t exactly test a chair out by shopping on Amazon, head to Anthropologie, IKEA, or Target and test out a few models.

That being said, if you’re looking for suggestions, these two comfortable chairs offer lumbar support and allow you to sit back and kick back for long periods of time:

3 Add Soft Materials for Comfort

Cozy soft materials to make your bedroom reading space more comfortable

Now that you added a comfy chair to your shopping cart, it’s time to cozy up your reading corner with soft materials like linen, cotton, chunky knit fabrics, and faux-fur.  

4 Add an Ottoman to Your Nook

Woman sitting in chair with ottoman in cozy bedroom reading nook

If the reading chair you’ve picked doesn’t have the option to put your feet up, and you need a little extra support, get an ottoman!

Ottomans turn your chair into a makeshift recliner, so you’ll be able to put your feet up, which helps to improve the blood flow to your legs. 

You can find hundreds of different models, but I suggest shopping for one with lift off lid storage, since they offer extra storage room. It’s the easiest way to use every space available in your bedroom.

5 Get a Bookshelf Side Table or Mount Some Cool Wall Shelves

small bookshelf designed for bedroom reading nook space

Of course, you can’t have a mini reading nook without books. But to avoid having a cluttered space, consider mounting a couple of shelves on an empty wall or installing wall-to-wall shelving. 

There are all kinds of styles out there from vertical bookshelves that are attached to the wall to bookshelf side tables that sub as lamp tables, too. 

If conventional bookshelves are too bulky for your room, then try Conceal floating bookshelves. These L-shaped shelves are easy to install on your walls. They’ll help you save space while instantly adding a touch of elegance to an awkward empty wall. 

Looking for a bookcase for a children’s reading corner? Try the innovative Reading Nook by Espresso. Instead of stacking up, this reading nook stacks horizontally, so kids can grab their favorite storybook quick and easy, and it even comes with an adorable cushioned seat in the middle. 

6 Lighting is Key

woman comfortably reading a book in a corner

Bad lighting forces us to strain our eyes and can even lead to headaches. But more importantly, it will make you really tired and force you to stop reading which is the total opposite of what you’re looking for when you’re in your nook. Which is why lighting is so important. 

Look for lamps with adjustable lighting to have more control, like a wall sconce. You can also go for a mix of different light sources for different occasions. Place a standing lamp like the Arc Floor Standing Light near the chair for when you need more intense light. If you prefer ambient light, get a side table lamp with a dimmer such as this Led Adjustable Reading Light. 

7 Get a Side Table

armchair in custom reading nook choose the right chair

So you’ve got your standing lamp, a side table lamp, cozy pillows, shelving, and a stylish chair. Your reading nook is almost complete! Now, all you need is a side table where you can display flowers, place a bowl of snacks, or a cup of tea.  

Make sure to get a side table that’s not too bulky and fits your décor. I suggest this convenient and lightweight marble and gold side table for a touch of elegance. 

8 Surround Yourself with a Few Houseplants 

cozy reading nook chair surrounded by hosueplants

Plants have the power to instantly put you in a good mood. They also have an uncanny ability to lift our spirits up when we’re down which is oh-so magical. So, consider adding some plants around your nook without cluttering the space. Add just one tall plant or add a small potted plant like a mini cactus to your bookshelf or side table. A fresh bouquet of flowers will also set the mood. 

Winter isn’t even here yet, and this one promises to be long and cold. Set yourself up for some quality self care time by carving out a cozy reading nook in your home and reap the benefits all year long. You definitely don’t need to spend a fortune, you’d be surprised with what you can put together on a budget!

Your turn:

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