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40 Fun November Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Would You Rather is a fun game where players are given a choice between two options—generally both compelling or both off-putting—from which they must select their preference. It’s the perfect way to get people talking and sharing a few laughs. Print out these November Would You Rather questions for kids and keep them on hand as great conversation starters at your Thanksgiving dinner or as a fun fall activity to do in your classroom. 

How to Use Would You Rather Questions with Kids

Although Would You Rather is a pretty self-explanatory game, these entertaining fall questions have broader applications than you might guess. Here are a few ways I’ve seen them used at home, in classrooms, and at parties.

  • They make great one-sentence writing prompts, which can be used at the beginning of class to get kids settled and focused or as a warm-up to other writing exercises. Challenge kids to freewrite for five minutes about their choice or to write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the two options. 
  • They could be used in small groups to help kids feel comfortable around each other before starting a group project. 
  • They can be written on question cards that can be incorporated into a writing station, used as a time-filler for kids who finish work quickly, or discussed in pairs.
  • They are the perfect activity to bring out in the middle of an intense class if students need a quick break. 
  •  At family dinners, each person can take a turn asking another family member a question. 
  • They come in especially useful on road trips when you’ve run out of things to talk about.
  • These November Would You Rather questions, in particular, make a fun Thanksgiving game that can be played primarily at the kid table or by the entire group. 
family eating thanksgiving dinner

Benefits of Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Whether you’re using them in the classroom, a homeschool co-op, or a Thanksgiving dinner party, these fun questions help people relax and feel more comfortable. Other benefits include:

  • There are no wrong answers, so kids who often feel a little shy about speaking up may feel more confident answering. Likewise, kids may find these kinds of questions helpful as writing prompts as they don’t have to worry about trying to say what their teacher wants to hear. 
  • Learning to ask other people questions and listen to their answers as well as respond to questions and defend their own answers is an excellent way for kids to build their social skills
  • They break the ice and help people get to know each other.
  • If paired with the obvious follow-up question—”why?”—they can lead to some very intriguing—and heated—conversations. 

What’s Special About November?

When we look around us and notice the decorations, advertisements, and conversations vying for our attention, it’s easy to think November is only about American Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and planning for Christmas. These events are momentous and occupy a large part of our collective experience at this time of year. 

But there’s more to November than that! …

So, while there are tons of Thanksgiving-themed questions below as I know there’s a good chance you’re looking for the perfect game to entertain kids while waiting for the Thanksgiving food to be ready, I’ve also tried to touch on some other November themes that will hopefully be good touching off points for discussing those themes with kids, either at home or in the classroom. 

Here are a few observances to consider talking about in November:

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40 November Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions

  1. Would you rather wash your hair with cranberry sauce or wash all the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner?
  2. Would you rather only eat apple pie for a week or never eat apple pie again?
  3. Would you rather hold a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade or be a balloon in the parade?
  4. Would you rather eat an entire pumpkin pie in front of your class or where a pilgrim costume to school for a week?
  5. Would you rather have your entire family participate in a turkey trot in front of your school or have your family face off against another family in a game of touch football?
  6. Would you rather have $1000 to spend after Thanksgiving or have $2000 to give away to people in need?
  7. Would you rather eat Thanksgiving leftovers for a week or eat ice cream for a week?
  8. Would you rather reenact the first Thanksgiving or reenact a scene from one of your favorite TV shows?
  9. Would you rather sit at the kids’ table at a big family gathering or sit at the adult table with none of your immediate family close by?
  10. Would you rather eat an entire sweet potato casserole or a single piece of pumpkin pie?
  11. Would you rather write and perform in a Thanksgiving school play with your younger siblings or wear a Pilgrim hat for the entire month?
  12. Would you rather have pins and needles in your feet through the entire Thanksgiving meal or have to sneeze the entire time but not be able to?
  13. Would you rather only have mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner or have to eat an entire Thanksgiving dinner yourself?
  14. Would you rather write a note on a piece of paper telling someone why you’re grateful for them or tell them out loud in person?
  15. Would you rather chase a live turkey around a football field or chase your toddler cousin around the Thanksgiving table?
family playing football

Other November Would You Rather Questions

  1. Would you rather go see a new Christmas movie with your best friend or stay in and watch your favorite movie alone?
  2. Would you rather have all of your family members over for dinner or go to your favorite restaurant with just one person?
  3. Would you rather watch an NFL football game or play a game of football with your whole family?
  4. Would you rather read all the same books as your close friends or have someone in your family read you an unfamiliar book every day?
  5. Would you rather win a collection of brand-new video games or a year-round pass to your favorite amusement park?
  6. Would you rather have a family game night every day for the month of November or create your own board game that you can give to people for Christmas?
  7. Would you rather go Black Friday shopping or get a cavity filled?
  8. Would you rather go Black Friday shopping or take a vacation with your family?
  9. Would you rather spend an hour talking to your favorite author or write a book and become someone else’s favorite author?
  10. Would you rather spend a day with your favorite sports team or get a visit from your favorite celebrity?
  11. Would you rather spend a whole week finding your way out of a giant corn maze (with food, beds, and restrooms available) or have to be the person to harvest all the corn in the corn maze?
  12. Would you rather have it be fall all year or never have fall again?
  13. Would you rather have your role model over for dinner or have them give a talk to all your friends?
  14. Would you rather read an epic book or have your grandparents tell you stories from their lives?
  15. Would you rather rake a giant pile of leaves and jump in it or make a cool tree house and sleep in it?
  16. Would you rather take a tour of a chocolate factory or have dinner at the White House?
  17. Would you rather be the funniest person at the dinner table or sit next to the funniest person at the dinner table?
  18. Would you rather be able to time travel or own a magic carpet?
  19. Would you rather have an endless supply of sweet potatoes or never see one again for the rest of your life?
  20. Would you rather write a novel in a month or read a novel every day for a month?
  21. Would you rather find a way to recycle all the plastic in the ocean or find a way to live in outer space?
  22. Would you rather take a walk in the forest in the fall or camp out in your backyard in the fall?
  23. Would you rather have two months off in the summer or two months off in the winter?
  24. Would you rather be the best player on a not-so-great team or the worst player on an amazing team?
  25. Would you rather have it snow every day in November or rain every day of the month?

I hope you’ve enjoyed these November Would You Rather questions for kids. For more autumn fun, check out these 50 fall trivia questions for kids. I’d love to hear how you’re using these with the kids in your life. Leave a comment below to let me know.