Christmas Crafts for Adults: 40 Easy DIY Projects You’ll Actually Love

It’s Christmastime again and you know what that means: time to wake up your inner Martha Stewart, break out the eggnog, and start crafting. Whether you’re looking for an activity for your holiday party, some new ornaments for your mantle, or a few DIY Christmas gifts to give friends, these 40 Christmas crafts for adults are sure to fit the bill.

40 Beautiful & Simple Christmas Crafts for Adults

Finding the Best Christmas Crafts for Adults

There’s something about December that makes everyone go a little craft crazy. 

Perhaps it’s the nostalgia for simpler times evoked by all those dreamy Christmas puzzle images or the flood of gorgeous ideas on our Pinterest feeds. 

Whatever it is, the holidays makes us want to bust out our glue guns and sequins and start creating beautiful things. 

But finding the right craft ideas can be a pain.  So many of the DIY projects out there look like something you pulled out of your recycling bin or swept off the floor of your kids' bedroom. They're not exactly  awe-inspiring.

Or, you see something gorgeous online only to find out you need a $300 tool and a degree in engineering to pull it off. 

Not so with these posts. I've pulled together 40 gorgeous crafts that anybody can pull off, no special equipment required. Because honestly? The last thing any of us needs at this time of year is to waste time trying to be perfect at one more thing! 

These easy Christmas crafts for adults will soothe your DIY itch and make your mantle shine just a little brighter. No perfection required.

DIY Christmas Crafts for Adults: Ornaments

1. Christmas Gnome Ornaments

Christmas Gnome Ornaments

I didn't even know I had a thing for Gnomes until I saw these adorable little guys. Who could resist them? They are so stinkin' cute and full of personality, I just want to fill my house with them...though that would probably get weird after a while. Get all the details on making these gnome ornaments from Ruffles and Rainboots.

2. Mini Leather Christmas Tree with Wood Beads

Mini Leather Christmas Tree with Wood Beads

This simple Christmas craft uses a small strip of leather interspersed with small wooden beads to make a unique and adorable leather Christmas tree, perfect for any rustic decor theme.

3. Handmade Christmas Craft Ornament with Farmhouse Style

Handmade Christmas Ornament with Farmhouse Style

Though still simple, this project takes a little longer and would be perfect for a ladies' night Christmas crafting party. This rustic shiplap sign ornament is perfect if you have a farmhouse holiday theme.

4. 3D Paper Star Christmas Ornaments

3D Paper Star Christmas Ornaments

These delightful 3D stars look stunning but are surprisingly easy to make with this tutorial. If you can do origami, you can definitely make these. A great Christmas crafting party option.

5. Hand Lettered Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

Hand Lettered Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

These hand-lettered wood slice ornaments look gorgeous hanging from a picture frame on a mantle or tied onto a gift with twine. Be sure to grab pre-drilled wood slices to make this simple Christmas craft even easier. 

6. Rustic Twine Candy Cane Ornaments

Rustic twine wrapped candy cane ornaments

If you like the idea of hanging candy canes on your tree but prefer a version that goes better with your decor, these rustic twine candy cane ornaments are perfect. Their neutral color fits in with any theme, and they also make great additions to wreaths or present toppers. 

7. Monochrome Handmade Felt Christmas Ornaments 

monochrome handmade felt Christmas ornaments

I love how this upcycled craft uses a soft old sweater to make something new and beautiful. These monochrome felt ornaments look great hanging from a standalone branch.

8. DIY Rae Dunn-Inspired Christmas Ornaments

DIY Rae Dunn Inspired Christmas Ornaments

These Rae Dunn-inspired farmhouse ornaments are an easy, DIY Christmas craft for adults to make thanks to pre-printed vinyl stickers that come in a range of themes. 

9. Embossed Star Decorations

Embossed Star Decorations

The sweater knit pattern on these air-dried clay ornaments is a brilliant idea. Choose a bright colored ribbon to offset the white ornaments or use twine or burlap for a rustic farmhouse look. 

10. Upcycled Llama Ornament

Upcycled Llama Ornament

Llamas are incredibly popular right now, and why not? They are quirky, fluffy, and just exotic enough that we always crave a little more. Bring a touch of the trend into your home with this funky upcycled llama ornament.

11. Rustic Farmhouse Snow Globe Ornament

Rustic Farmhouse Snow Globe Ornament

The winter wonderland scene inside this DIY farmhouse snow globe ornament is so lovely, it might even have you running outside to play in some of the real stuff. Or stay warm inside and admire all your handcrafted beauties. 

12. No Sew Easy Felt Christmas Ornaments

Felt and glue Christmas ornaments - 1 of 50 easy Christmas crafts for adults

These no-sew felt ornaments are light as air and unbreakable. Perfect for hanging in a window display or in front of a mirror. The tutorial includes a printable template, making these super simple to whip up.

13. Angel Clothespin Ornament

Angel Clothespin Ornament

Another simple way to make a sweet, sparkly angel is with a doll pin. These angel clothespin ornaments can easily be made to match any Christmas decor by swapping out the color of the paint and halo.

14. Mason Jar Lids Snowman Ornaments

Mason Jar Lids Snowman Ornaments

Here's a perfect way to use up all those extra mason jar rings (am I the only one who has a hundred of these lying around?) Simple twine wrapped around a pair of lids creates a cute, rustic snowman ornament in minutes. 

15. Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

These DIY vintage-inspired ornaments create a little scene inside a mason jar lid using tiny primitive figurine ornaments. Make the scenes as simple or as detailed as you want. Another great idea for a crafting party.

16. Napkin Woodslice Ornaments

Napkin Woodslice Ornaments

Modge Podge is some pretty amazing stuff. With very little effort you can make a DIY woodslice ornament and a napkin look like a high quality hand-painted design. 

17. Christmas Angel Ornament

gilded pasta angel ornament

These adorable, inexpensive Christmas angel ornaments are made of pasta and take only a couple minutes to put together. Once they're coated with a copper or gold paint, they're positively charming. This craft isn't just great for adults. Kids can easily make these too.

18. DIY Map Ornament

Diy Map Ornaments - star with a map printed on it -  1 of 50 Fabulous Christmas Crafts for Adults

There's nothing like commemorating our favorite events of the past year to help us celebrate Christmas and the coming of the new year. I love how this keepsake ornament helps us remember trips we've taken in a special way. Over time, such memories will really add up and make for a special Christmas tradition of recalling our most special trips and vacations. 

19. Fire Finished Alcohol Ink Ornaments

A FIre finished alcohol ink ornament - 1 of 50 Fabulous Christmas Crafts for Adults

This Christmas ornament craft is on fire--literally! Start with a porcelain ornament, drip a few drops of special ink, add some alcohol and light it up. The beautiful magic happens before your eyes. This is definitely a craft for adults (or at least, adult supervision) and the results are absolutely gorgeous. Check out these Fire Finished Alcohol Ink Ornaments from The B Keeps us Honest. 

DIY Christmas Crafts for Adults: Decorations

20. Yarn Christmas Trees

Yarn Christmas Trees

I saw trees exactly like this at my favorite home decor store last week and I couldn't stop picking them up and admiring them. Unfortunately, the price tag was not so admirable! I was thrilled to come home and find this great tutorial for creating my own yarn trees so I can save myself some money! It does require a saw and a drill if you want to add the bases, but if that's more work than you want to put in, you can always just leave the trees without a base.

21. Nordic Felt Gnome

Nordic Felt Gnome

Can't get enough gnomes? Add this striking Nordic version to your collection for an enchanting Scandinavian winter display.

22. Reindeer Christmas Sign

Reindeer Christmas Sign

Using a cute printable, some tracing paper, and some acrylic paint you can make a delightful reindeer sign like this on either a DIY or a store-bought frame. 

23. Bleached Pinecones

Bleached Pinecones

I love the way these elegant "bleached" pinecones look and how wonderfully easy they are to make. This is something the kids and I could whip up in a short afternoon to add to our mantle display. 

24. Mini Pinecone Wreath

Mini Pinecone Wreath

This pinecone wreath is simple enough that you could make several and hang them in a series of windows. It would also be a great use of the bleached pinecones (above). These are awesome for evoking a winter wonderland setting, even if you live in warmer climes. 

25. Scandinavian Mini-Forest Decoration

Scandinavian Mini-Forest Decoration

This mini-forest is a bit more work (about two hours) but is still beginner level. It makes a lovely keepsake decoration or gift. 

26. Wine Cork Sparkling Star

Wine Cork Sparkling Star

Here's another fantastic upcycling craft for adults using wine corks. This rustic cork star piece looks great on a mantle or buffet, especially beside candles or other lights. 

27. Rustic Flannel Trees

Rustic flannel Christmas trees

These farmhouse trees are soft and welcoming. They bring the perfect pop of colour to a neutral decor palette and are a terrific way to use up any scraps of flannel you have left over from other projects. 

28. Christmas Ornament Tree Sign

Christmas Ornament Tree Sign

This sparkly ornament tree sign would look amazing hanging in an entryway, or even on a front porch. It's another project that you can completely customize by choosing an ornament color scheme that complements the rest of your decor. 

29. Miniature Christmas Village

Miniature Christmas village made from recycled Christmas carts

One of the hardest parts of the post-Christmas scene is figuring out what to do with the Christmas cards you've received. Recycling them feels irreverent, but there's only so many crafts your kids can make with them. This Christmas village is an ideal solution. 

30. Easy DIY Rag Wreath

Easy DIY Rag Wreath

Want to try a different take on your front door wreath this year? Have some extra fabric lying around you want to use up? Why not make a rag wreath? They're fun, whimsical, and a fantastic opportunity to upcycle. 

31. Easy Origami Christmas Trees

Easy Origami Christmas Trees

I'm totally in love with the paper crafts from Gathering Beauty. It would be lovely to spend an afternoon watching Christmas movies, drinking hot apple cider, and whipping up a forest full of these origami Christmas trees.

32. Homemade Cinnamon-Orange Potpourri

Homemade Cinnamon Orange Potpourri

This cinnamon-orange potpourri not only smells amazing, it looks beautiful and adds an old-fashioned charm to your holiday decor. 

33. Farmhouse Floral Tin Can Craft

Farmhouse Floral Tin Can Craft

This craft is a fun way to upcycle some used tin cans. Add Modge Podge, a cute napkin, some burlap, and artificial greens and flowers of your choice and you have a sweet centerpiece.

34. Noel Door Decor

Noel Door Decor

This ingenious DIY sign comes together with Duck tape and thrift store frames. It's a nice alternative if you don't have or don't want a wreath.

35. Festive Christmas Rock Painting

Festive Christmas Rock Painting

Painting rocks is another excellent craft to do at a Christmas party or women's night. It's especially simple and requires almost no supplies. Put out some rocks, some brushes, and some paint and let people's creative juices flow. 

36. Penguin Painted Rocks

Penguin Painted Rocks

If you want to take your rock painting game to the next level, these penguins are so precious! I would love to make a whole bunch of them and do a window display.

37. Beaded Napkin Rings

Beaded Napkin Rings

Napkin rings are something I've always wanted but never get around to buying. I love the idea of getting some basic ones from a dollar or thrift store and dressing them up with colored beads. Simple and beautiful for the win!

38. Scented Mason Jar Christmas Centerpieces

Scented Mason Jar Christmas Centerpieces

These natural looking beauties had a pop of color to your Christmas table and smell divine. Fix them up a couple days in advance if you really want the aroma to permeate the room.

39. Burlap Ribbon Tree Decoration

Burlap Ribbon Tree Decoration

This attractive burlap ribbon tree comes together in less than half an hour and are a simple, rustic addition to your holiday decor. Switch up theh ribbon colors to make it the best match for you.

40. Embroidery Snowman Hoop Wreaths

Embroidery Hoop Snowman Wreath:  1 of 50 Fabulous Christmas Crafts for Adults

Can I get a heck yes for every craft that consists of felt and hot glue guns? Could anything be simpler and more forgiving? If you want to get serious on this one, you can sew the buttons on with needle and thread, but in a pinch, hot glue does the trick every time. How adorable are these little guys? Learn how to make an Embroidery Hoop Snowman Wreath.

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