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20+ Gifts Ideas That Parents Actually Want!

We all know how hard it can be to come up with a parent gift idea that’ll be a big hit. Most parents have hit the stage in life where they are able to buy themselves things that they actually want. This list was cultivated with you in mind.

Best Tech Gifts for Parents

The latest tech isn’t always on the top of the list when you’re trying to come up with gift ideas for Mom or Dad. But this list of the top tech gifts for parents might just surprise you!

Echo Show

In our opinion, the Echo Show is one of the best gifts for parents this year. Not only will it allow your parents to make video calls to each other, but it’ll also give them the ability to pull up recipes, listen to music, or even call an ambulance in the event of an emergency. 

If you really splurge and grab two of these devices, your parents can even drop in on each other from opposite ends of the house!

Smart Home Accessories

There’s no harm in making life a little easier for Mom and Dad this year. Consider buying smart home accessories that can be controlled from their phone or their smart speaker.

Accessories like door locks, lightbulbs, or even a thermostat are bound to be a big hit!

Ring Security System

There’s nothing that parents like to talk about more than how the world “isn’t what it used to be.” Help them feel secure by buying them a DIY security system from Ring.

The system is simple to set up with a smartphone and pairs well with the ring video doorbell so your parents can see who’s at the door.

Smart Watch

Smart accessories aren’t usually on the top of the purchase list for most parents. They often don’t understand the value. 

But the younger generation knows that accessories like a fit bit or an apple watch can do much more than tell time. It can help your parents keep track of their heart rate, their sleep cycles, and even their daily exercise output.

Locator Tags 

If you’ve got a parent who tends to be a bit forgetful, then this may be just the ticket. These locator tags from Tile can be placed on just about anything that your parent tends to lose regularly. 

If your parents happen to own an iPhone, you may even want to upgrade to the Apple Air Tags so they can easily use the Find My iPhone App to GPS locate anything they’ve tagged!

A Smart TV

Most parents don’t quite understand the difference between a flat-screen TV and a smart TV. But If your parents are the type to rack up a lot of couch time, then buying them the newest technology might get you the best gift award this year.

We’ve found that the Roku TV has the simplest interface for the less tech-savvy and it even offers free live programming with over 100 channels!

Roku Streaming Device

Not quite in the market to splurge on a new TV? No problem! Make your parents’ current TV into a smart device by plugging in a new Roku Streambar. 

They’ll still get all the benefits of the smart TV (including free channels) but you can stay on budget. 

Smartphone Dock

If your parents have a newer phone but they’re still charging it with their cord, consider grabbing them a nice wireless charging dock for their bedside table.

There are endless models available but our favorite is this one that includes a touch lamp. But if your parents are a bit old school, they may actually prefer an alarm clock style instead.

Sentimental Gifts Ideas that Parents Love

Whether you’re determined to get something truly unique or you’re just trying to tug at your parents’ heartstrings, this list of sentimental gift ideas will give you a good start towards finding that perfect item.

Customized Phone Case

Remember when parents always carried pictures of their kids in their wallets? Nowadays, most people keep only digital photos around but these custom phone cases are a great way to bridge that gap.

Your parents will love being able to show off their family proudly every time they pick up their phone!

Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone Jewelry isn’t a new concept. has been a common gift for moms and grandmas for a long time. But most people don’t realize that birthstone “jewelry” is available for dads too!

So after you pick up a necklace for your mom, grab your dad one of these adorable keychains that are customized with their kiddo’s birthstones.

Family Crest Sign

These custom metal signs are reminiscent of the cattle brand signs you might see on the entry gate of a farm. The personalized and elegant nature of these signs make them a great unique gift idea for the mom and dad who have everything.

Ancestry DNA Kit

These neat little kits will allow your parents to glean new insight about exactly who they are and where they came from. If your grandparents have already passed then this may be the only way for your parents to learn new information about their roots.

The kit comes with a cheek swab and a return envelope. After your parents swab their cheeks, they’ll send it in for analysis. Then they can watch the app from their smartphone for their results! 

Family Calendar

Help your parents keep track of the whole family’s birthdays by creating a custom wall calendar for the upcoming year.

Birthday Sign

If you’re looking for a more decorative way to help your parents remember everyone’s birthday, these adorable birthday tag signs are the way to go.

Not only are they super cute, but they can be added to as the family expands.

Personalized Bibles

If your parents are regular churchgoers, this gift may just take the cake. A personalized Bible is a really special way to tell your parents that you love them. 

You’ll also likely get the benefit of having it passed on through the generations.

A DIY Gift

If you’re looking for something personalized and also budget-friendly, then you may want to try your hand at a DIY gift. This list of 100 DIY Christmas Gifts has a ton of fantastic options for you to consider.

Practical Gifts for Parents

If your parents aren’t really the sentimental type then you may be looking for something a bit less decorative and a bit more useful. This list of practical gift ideas for parents will give you some food for thought!


This one is for the coffee drinkers among us. If your parents are coffee or tea drinkers, then grabbing them a new Keurig with some fancy features will be certain to wow them.

This model will allow your parents to easily choose between a whole pot of coffee or a single cup. 

Kitchenaid Mixer

If you’ve got a mom who likes to cook and a dad who loves a treat, then a kitchen aid mixer might be at the top of their want list this year.
These mixers are a little on the pricey side but they are also one of the best quality stand mixers available. 

Gift Certificate for a Car Detail

Give your mom and dad the gift of that new car feeling without visiting the dealership. Stop in at your local car detail shop and grab a gift certificate.

Car detailing is a great service that most people just don’t typically splurge on. So if you’re looking for something perfectly practical, this one fits the bill.

A New Bike/Trike

A body in motion stays in motion. Help your parents stay young by grabbing them a cool new bike or trike. This unique gift idea is not just cool, it’s also a very practical way to get Mom and Dad out of the house for some fresh air.


An AeroGarden is like a mini greenhouse that you can keep in your home. If your parents like to keep a garden they may enjoy the idea of having a mini version in their home.

Whether they use it for growing herbs year-round or for starting seeds early, they’ll love the practicality and ease of this simple grow light.

Automatic Pill Dispenser 

If your parents’ health has begun to decline and they need to take multiple medications, this very practical gift will help ease your mind.

An automatic pill dispenser can release pills only a set amount of times each day. This model even offers a phone app that allows you to help keep track of their meds from a distance.

Still can’t find the right fit? Try this!

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