April 17, 2019

Happy Birthday to My Cup Runs Over

happy one year blogiversary to my cup runs over

A few highlights from the first year of My Cup Runs Over 

On April 17, 2018, I officially launched My Cup Runs Over Blog with this guest post on The Mudroom Blog. Oh, man. That seemed like such a big deal at the time. Little did I know it was just the tiniest first step in what was going to be an epic effort to build, grow, and sustain a website. 

Why I started My Cup Runs Over

Before I launched the site, I had been blogging sporadically at sophieagbonkhese.com, but with no real vision or direction. I wrote what I felt like, when I felt like, and it was pretty dull. When I migrated to My Cup Runs Over, I only brought a few of my old articles with me. 

I initially started blogging so that I could build a potential audience for my first book, Songs In The Night, for which I've finally worked up the courage to start pursuing publishing options. I had no idea how to start marketing myself as a novelist when I wasn't even ready to start talking about the book, so instead, I started writing what was on my heart. 

The launch of the blog coincided with a life-changing encounter with God where I strongly felt like He was calling me to lay down almost everything I was doing and spend a year learning to rest in Him. So, a lot of my writing in the first year focused on this topic and what He revealed to me as I went deeper into His rest. You can read a few of my favourites here:

Over the past year, though, the site grew well beyond my expectations and became a place for me to share my faith, connect with other writers, promote my writing on other platforms, and help busy women who need help making their faith a priority in their lives. 

Some highlights of the first year

Summer Reading Lists

One of my favourite blogging events of last year was my 2018 Summer Reading List Giveaway. I picked my top ten books to read over the summer and over 200 readers entered to win five of the books. It was so fun connecting with so many other readers over authors and books we all love (Sarah Mackenzie's Teaching From Rest and Shauna Niequist's Present Over Perfect were the hands-down top picks for my readers).

FYI: you can now vote (until April 30) for the books that will be in the 2019 Reading List Giveaway

vote in the 2019 summer reading list giveaway nominations

Guest Posts and Published Articles

I was honoured this year to have my writing shared on several other sites that I love. Here are a few: 

The Better Mom: Finding the Strength to Embrace your Family As-Is

To Love, Honor, and Vacuum: How to Reconnect Spiritually with Your Husband

Wealthy N Wise: 6 Tips for a More Productive and Fun Summer

CathyMcIntosh.com: How to Stay Joyful as a Stay At Home Mom of Littles

I also had two articles published in the print version of Joyful Life Magazine—one in fall 2018, and one in winter 2019. 

Journeying Toward Jesus

Just before Christmas, I launched the Journeying Toward Jesus program, a one-year study of spiritual discipline for busy women. Again, I stepped out in faith on this one, not knowing what a huge part of my life this program would become. I now dedicate about 85 percent of my writing time to the weekly content that JTJ participants receive (which is why the blog has seen fewer published articles these past few months). 

This program is so close to my heart. For years I have struggled to find the connection with my faith that I had before I became a mom, but it's been so hard. Kids kind of take over our lives and it takes a serious amount of effort to make your time with Jesus a priority when so many other people depend on you and demand your attention 24/7, but it's an effort that changes everything. 

My dream for the JTJ program is to have the content complete by summer 2019 and edit it into both a book and an online course format by the end of the year. 

Journeying Toward Jesus - the resources you need to go deep

The top 5 posts of the past year

What's next for My Cup Runs Over

If you've spent any time around here at all—or if you know me in person—you've probably noticed that I have a tendency to bite over more than I can chew...but I'm working on it! I'm really trying to be more realistic about how much I should take on and expect to get done. 

That said, I do have lots of goals for the next year:

1. As mentioned, Journeying Toward Jesus remains a priority for me, both spiritually and as a writer. I'm looking forward to refining the content even more to make it more accessible to busy women who are thirsty for Jesus. 

2. One of my top goals for this year is to get Songs in The Night published, one way or another. I'm currently exploring different avenues for this and will keep you posted on what emerges. I also have a half-finished second novel that I would like to finish by the end of November. 

3. My family and I have really enjoyed partnering with iHomeschoolNetwork and various curriculum developers to test and review new homeschool curriculum. Our homeschool has significantly benefited from some curriculum changes we've made after reviewing new products, and I hope to continue helping other homeschool families find the best curriculum for them as well. 

4. I am eager to connect more with the readers of My Cup Runs Over this year and get to know you and your unique struggles so that I can encourage you as much as possible. I would love to connect with you on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about you. You can also send me an email at hello @ mycuprunsover.ca at anytime. (remove the spaces first!)

5. My purpose for this site (and my writing in general) remains the same: to provide resources that help you better connect with yourself, your spouse, your family, and Jesus. If there is any specific content you would like to see that meets these goals, please send me an email at the address above. 

Don't miss out!

Now that you're here, I'd love to have you along for the journey. If you connect with what you've read here and would like to grab my free resources and receive encouraging emails from me 1-2x/month, visit my free resources page to subscribe to my newsletter.

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