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Journeying Toward Jesus

A program for busy women who struggle to find time to grow their relationships with Jesus.

do you...

  • Feel spiritually parched?
  • Feel like the overwhelm of your daily life gets in the way of your relationship with Jesus?
  • Keep taking up Bible reading challenges only to fall off a few weeks later because you're too tired to keep up with it?

You're not alone.

The demands of parenting, marriage, work, household management, and volunteer roles are real. Many women struggle to balance it all and still find time to nurture their faith and deepen their relationship with the Lord. 

but it is possible

With a step-by-step plan, weekly check-ins, and a community of supportive accountability partners, you can grow closer to God without neglecting the other areas of your life. In fact, as you grow closer to God, the other areas of your life will become easier to manage.  

** introducing **

journeying toward jesus

A guided exploration of spiritual disciplines

"It's like a women's retreat that comes to you and lasts all year"

Journeying Toward Jesus is a new program launched by My Cup Runs Over to help busy women get closer to Jesus in 2019.

Think of it like a women's retreat minus the packing, travel, room-sharing, and high price tag.   Together, we will dive deep into twelve spiritual disciplines, each one designed to draw us into deeper relationship with our Lord. We will explore a different theme each month, leaning into new aspects of what it means to be His followers.

ready to get started?

We have two streams available. If you're ready to dive head-first into this exciting challenge, the yearlong program offers the best value. If you need to dip your toes in first, why not give our seasonal program a try for three months?

what you'll get

As soon as you sign up, you'll receive:

  • Printable binder cover and spine for setting up your Journeying Toward Jesus journal
  • A getting started guide, including a list of recommended resources
  • Access to our private Facebook community

When the program launches on January 7th, you'll receive:

  • Monthly: an overview of the new focus discipline and several suggestions for how to practice it
  • Weekly: an encouraging email with a printable journaling exercise
  • Ongoing accountability, support, and encouragement in the Facebook group
  • Access to exclusive interviews with Jesus-followers who are passionately pursuing specific disciplines

common questions

This sounds great, but unrealistic. How will I find the time to do all of these exercises?

How will I find quiet moments to do the exercises? I'm with my kids all day.

I'm more of an introvert. What if I'm not comfortable discussing these things with strangers?

Other questions not answered here?


More than anything, I want every woman who joins the Journeying Toward Jesus program to absolutely love the time they spend with us. My desire is to help busy women connect with Jesus in the most loving and encouraging environment possible.

If you join the annual or seasonal program and decide within 30 days—for any reason at all—that it is not a great fit for you, just let me know and I will refund your tuition, no questions asked. 

ready to get started?

Choose your preferred stream below. The yearlong program runs from January-December 2019. 

The seasonal membership runs from January-March 2019.

Please note, prices are in Canadian dollars. The seasonal membership is approximately $15 USD, and the annual membership is approximately $49 USD.