Get Your 2019 Step-by-Step Guide to Knowing God More

Is the busyness of life getting in the way of your relationship with Jesus?

Do you long to know God more but struggle to make the time to really experience Him for yourself?

You're not alone!

Taking care of your family, your marriage, and your work consumes much of your time and energy, I know. I've gotten burned out time and time again trying to keep up with all the demands of life, and my relationship with God is usually the first thing I neglect when I get too busy.

But here's an important truth: The more packed your schedule is, the greater your need for Him. 

a Bible, a cup of tea and a plant on a table.

Knowing God and experiencing the depth of His love for us is what gives us the grace and the strength to excel in all other areas of our life.

Without Him, our spirits become restless and agitated, and life just seems harder.

What if 2019 is the year you finally know God more?

If you're like me, maybe you've been desperately wondering how you can know God more or how it is possible to have a deep personal relationship with Him even amidst the busyness of your life.

What if you had a simple roadmap that laid out a step-by-step plan to get to know Him a little bit more each month in 2019? Could you find a few minutes each day to pursue your Creator a little more?

Download your free 2019 Guide to Knowing God More

This step-by-step action plan includes:

  • 3 simple tips for creating space for Jesus in your day, no matter how busy you are
  • A fun month-by-month plan for integrating spiritual discipline into your life
  • A goal-monitoring sheet to help you keep track of your progress
a vase of flowers with the caption: 2019 Guide to knowing God more, set your intentions for a deeper walk with Jesus in 2019

You can protect your spiritual walk from being overshadowed by the crazyness of life. Be intentional about pursuing Jesus and immersing yourself in His Word so that you may be like a tree planted by streams of water, bearing fruit in season (Psalm 1:3).

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