Meet Sophie

Some Things You May Like to Know About Me

My Family

Sophie Elise - my kids

I have been married to my college sweetheart, Ben, for eleven years, and together we have three beautifully wild girls and an exquisitely understanding baby boy. (He has to be, to survive all of his sisters).

We are a homeschooling family and we live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

My Background

My husband and I are serial entrepreneurs. We started our first consulting company just before we finished college and we’ve been plugging away at it ever since, though our businesses have changed significantly over the years.

I’ve specialized in technical writing (woo-hoo!), supply chain management, and sustainable business practices. While I still love all of these things, my main passions right now are just resting with my family and letting the creative juices flow. 

I love writing novels and have completed my first novel, Songs in the Night. I'm currently working on a second novel as well as a non-fiction book about rest. 

Things I love

Chocolate, obviously. Coffee. Rooibos chai tea. Thoughtfully curated cheese boards.

Reading. Some of my favourites are Lawrence Hill, Kate Morton, and Khaled Hosseini. I love books that can completely twist my heart into knots as theirs unfailingly do.

Cardigans, tee-shirts, skinny jeans, ballet flats.

Everything that is purple or turquoise.

The ocean, lakes, beaches, and forests. Libraries!! Any place that isn’t a mall, really.

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