Six Tips for a More Productive and Fun Summer

6 Tips for a More Productive and Fun Summer

When you’re self-employed, finding time to get work done during the summer can be a serious challenge. The kids are home—and likely in need of entertaining—and you’d love nothing more than to pack a picnic, load everybody in the car, and head to the lake.

Unfortunately, you still have a business to run. Just because the sun is—finally—shining and the kids get a nice long break doesn’t mean we get to shut down our computers for two months and live it up. (Unless you are one of the lucky few who does get the summer off, in which case, stop reading this immediately and go enjoy it!)

But balancing work and fun in the summer doesn’t have to be onerous. With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can take advantage of the flexibility that summer offers and have the best of both worlds.

In this guest post, I talk about the six steps I follow to plan a productive AND fun summer. 

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