Finding the Strength to Embrace Your Family ‘As-Is’

I'm so excited to be guest posting today on The Better Mom, one of my favourite websites. 

It can be difficult to remain grateful and content when our homes feel chaotic. In today's post, I look at why this is so, and how we can renew our minds and hearts and experience contentment, even amidst the clutter and noise.

Read the preview below, then hop over to The Better Mom to read the rest  and share your thoughts in the comments. I'll post a follow-up piece here on My Cup Runs Over tomorrow. 

Finding the strength to embrace your family as-is

What life used to be like

I love being a mom. Really, I do. My four kids are my life. Everything I do revolves around them, including my choices of friends, hobbies, and career. 

But honestly, some things about pre-kids life were pretty amazing. 

Like sleep, for instance.

Like not being overwhelmed all the time. 

Like being able to clean a room and have it stay clean for more than five minutes.

Like spontaneity, romance, and going out with your husband anytime you want. 

Like cooking a meal that people actually enjoy eating. 

Like a few blessed moments of quiet. 

Like not having to explain why we use the toilet, why we don’t smell our dirty diapers—or worse, change them ourselves—every single day

Like having energy, being fun, feeling sane, or thinking a complete thought without interruption. 

And, at the same time, I am all too aware of how quickly this stage is passing—the constant reminders from those who have gone before really aren’t necessary; anyone who has lived with a growing child for ten years must be aware of how definitively time passes. 

These energetic, hungry, curious little beings will soon grow up and move out, leaving us with far too much of these things we now long for. 

Too much quiet. Too many uninterrupted thoughts. Too little laughter. 

Just a clean, empty house through which our voices will echo. 

And we will yearn for them and for the days where we were all together, making messes, being silly, having fun, and building memories.

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