Date Night In Box Review, September 2018: Painted with Love

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Overview of Date Night In

Date Night In, created by Night In Boxes, is a monthly subscription box service that offers a complete date-at-home experience. Each box includes several items that form a unique and cohesive experience for you and your partner. Date Night In offers a regular box option as well as a faith-based option and subscriptions start at $42 per month, with discounts for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions. Shipping is free within the US, but not internationally. 

This Date Night In Box was provided to me by Night in Boxes for reviewing purposes. The box we received is the faith-based Painted with Love box.

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September DNI Box: Painted with Love

Our latest DNI box arrived this weekend and we were really excited to try it out after having such a good experience last month. It was tough finding a night to fit this in though as we already had plans for the weekend, and we're traveling next weekend for Thanksgiving. My husband was supposed to take a turn preparing the DNI menu this month, but we ended up doing it on short notice Monday night, so I took on that role again. Next month, we'll try to plan this a little better, but rest assured, these DNI boxes pretty much are plug-and-play; you can just open it up and enjoy with very little preparation. 

Each box comes with an optional dinner menu designed to complement the monthly theme. When you sign into your DNI account, you can view the menu, recipes, and shopping list for the month(s) you’ve subscribed to. The shopping list is a great feature as it has everything you need for the meal plan and it’s conveniently organized into different sections of the grocery store. 

The Dream Together Menu

This month's dinner menu was a tapas platter. This is actually a go-to meal for us, we make a vegan mezze platter at least once a week, so this felt pretty doable. Unfortunately, it's a little more complicated for us because mine and my husband's diets are quite different from each other. I'm a vegetarian and there are several other foods I try to avoid; he's a meat-eater, but dislikes cheese and a lot of my other favourite foods. Because of this, we had to substitute several of the selected recipes. 

Here's a pin of the tapas board as designed by Night In Boxes. It consisted of White Bean Basil Hummus (so yummy!), Kale and Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms, Pesto and Sundried Tomatoes Polenta Bites (also yummy), Prosciutto Puff Pastry Bites, and a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and sweets. By far the most exciting recipe was for the avocado rose—how beautiful is that? 

When I first the promo image for that a few weeks ago, I thought it was going to be really difficult, but it was actually super easy. It only took a couple minutes. Mine wasn't entirely ripe so it didn't quite fan out properly, but I was still very impressed, and eating it felt quite luxurious. Learn how to make your own here

Here's what ours ended up looking like. 

The wine pairing recommendation was a sangria, but we're not big red wine fans, so we just stuck with rosé. The whole meal took me less than one hour to prepare, though I used fresh polenta, which I prepared and chilled ahead of time. 

Dream Together Ambiance

The DNI experience also includes ambiance. First, there is a Spotify playlist designed around the theme. Actually, there are two: a standard playlist and a faith-based playlist. We chose the faith-based playlist and it was excellent. I have added it to my Spotify library for future reference. 

The regular playlist, like last month, took the theme very literally. About half of the the song titles have words such as painting, art, and masterpiece in the titles. The other half are about falling in love or being in love. If you're really into keeping with the theme, you'll love this, but I'm far too picky about what I listen to for this to work for me. 

The box also included an Anjou Pear and Lemongrass candle from Northern Lights, which was also lovely. I normally can’t do scented candles because I find them too overpowering, but this one was just right. I had lit other candles around the room and we left this one on the table in front of us so we could enjoy its scent.

As we enjoyed our dinner, we reflected on the Table Talk questions provided in the Painted with Love pamphlet. I didn't find these questions to be as stimulating as last month's. They were a bit ho-hum. But no worries, there was still a lot left to talk about and do. 

The Activities

This month we actually made it to the discussion guide! The faith-based discussion was inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:4—Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. For each description of love, we discussed examples of times when we appreciated each other showing us love in that way. It was a fun conversation to have, although we're pretty good about saying these things to each other regularly so there were no big revelations here, but it's always a good idea to build each other up with these words of affirmation and give thanks to each other for the love we receive. 

The project this month was a lot more interesting than last month's and we were all over it. Night in Boxes teamed up with Painting Parties to create a painting project, complete with instructional video. If you have ever attended a Painting Parties or Paint Nite In event, you'll be familiar with this concept. I went through a phase where I was kind of addicted to Paint Nite, so I was pretty excited for this. 

We received two canvases, a paint set, five paint brushes, and glue and were given three options of projects to work on together. Then we painted along to an easy instructional video and created a masterpiece together. Okay, so it's not going to win us any prizes, but we had so much fun, and coincidentally, it matches our freshly painted living room walls perfectly.   

This month's mid-date treat was some kind of sugar on a stick...not really our cup of tea. We ate the dark chocolate from our tapas platter instead. 

Finally, there was a fun little colour theories quiz in the discussion guide. We each ranked eight colours in order of our preference for them and then read about what those choices supposedly say about us. Some of it seemed pretty accurate (my top choice of green, for example indicated that I prefer to have control over situations and enjoy fact-checking). Some of it, I'm not so sure about it. Apparently my dislike of brown means I suppress my own need for physical comfort, which is so off base (she types as she sits ensconced in no fewer than three soft blankets/shawls.) Anyway, whether or not you believe in this stuff, it was still a fun little diversion. 

The pamphlet for the regular box concludes with a list of suggested movies you could watch if you wanted to extend your Date Night In, but I don’t know how you could have time to add a movie, unless you eat and paint really fast or have a lot of time set apart for your date. 

The Verdict

Overall, I really enjoyed this date night in. The food was really enjoyable and bringing the painting party experience to our living room was really cool.

If you’re interested in ordering a Date Night In box for yourself, you can learn more here.

October DNI Box Giveaway

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