Date Night In Box Review, November 2018: Give Thanks

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Overview of Date Night In

Date Night In, created by Night In Boxes, is a monthly subscription box service that offers a complete date-at-home experience. Each box includes several items that form a unique and cohesive experience for you and your partner. Date Night In offers a regular box option as well as a faith-based option and subscriptions start at $42 per month, with discounts for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions. Shipping is free within the US, but not internationally. 

This Date Night In Box was provided to me by Night in Boxes for reviewing purposes. The box we received is November "Give Thanks" Faith Night In box.

November DNI Box: Give Thanks

Due to the Canada Post strike, this box arrived later than usual and it was almost date night by the time I opened it. I took a quick peek through the date guide so I could make sure I had all the ingredients for the food prep. I was excited to see a message from contributing chef, Marina, from Marina Makes. She encouraged us to make the meal together (I usually prep it alone in advance), and I LOVED that idea. 

As soon as I started reading through the guide, I fell in love with this box (wasn't that LAST MONTH'S theme?), and decided to do something a little different. I decided that Ben and I would make an unboxing video so I could show you how special this box was. Check it out!

The Give Thanks Menu

Each box comes with an optional dinner menu designed by Marina of Marina Makes Blog to complement the monthly theme. When you sign into your DNI account, you can view the menu, recipes, and shopping list for the month(s) you’ve subscribed to. The shopping list is a great feature as it has everything you need for the meal plan and it’s conveniently organized into different sections of the grocery store. 

This month's dinner menu was sparkling cranberry spritzer (with or without vodka), a turkey, brie, and cranberry pesto phyllo wrap, parmesan and thyme mashed potatoes, and salted caramel cheesecake muffins. 

The Activities

The first activity in this date night made me cry. It started with the story of Tripp Halstead, a little boy who endured a traumatic brain injury, which he spend the next 5.5 years fighting through before passing away in March of this year. To honour Tripp, Night In Boxes sent us a LOVE from the Very Hungry Caterpillar book and a postcard with Tripp's picture on it. We were asked to pay it forward in Tripp's memory by donating this book to a child. 

The next activity was a complete change of pace: we were challenged to make homemade ice cream that would then be added to hot apple cider to make caramel apple cider floats. 

Okay, so I've always wanted to be able to make ice cream "the old fashioned way." I just think there's something kind of magical about it, so when I saw this, I was like, "This is going to be the best thing ever."

So we put the cream, sugar, and vanilla in a bag and sealed it. Then we put that bag in a bag full of ice and salt and shook the bag vigourously to the beat of I like to Move It for five minutes. I expected nothing short of perfection, but unfortunately my hopes were dashed. It was a little bit icy, but nothing near the consistency of store-bought ice cream. When we added it to the hot apple cider, it kind of just made a big mess, so no pictures of this one, I'm afraid. (It was still yummy, though!)

The next activity was to write secret thank you notes to each other and hide them around the house for each other to find. 

The DNI box also came with a display stand and a give thanks printable. We put the printable inside the display stand and use a dry erase marker to write things we're grateful for each day. I thought this was a cool idea, though I'm not sure how long we'll actually be able to keep that up for. 

Finally, we played a fun card came called Gratitude Slam. We received a stack of double-sided cards with a letter on each side. Then we used four or five cards to write out a word (we did Thank and Give). then you race to make new words by changing one letter at a time using the cards in your hand. This was actually a pretty hilarious activity as we started drawing on the names of people we may have once met or heard of...If you think about it, almost anything could be a name in some language or another, so the line gets a little blurry in there somewhere; nonetheless, we had so much fun.

The date also included a faith-based discussion guide on the topic of gratitude as well as a list of suggested movies we could watch, but, as usual, we never seem able to get through all of the activities in two-three hours. Something to save for another night. 

The Verdict

Overall, this was another excellent Date Night In. I so appreciate having these unique experiences with my husband without having to put too much thought into planning them. I also love how the boxes make us feel like we need to be open to trying all of the new things since someone has planned them for us. In this way, we discover things about ourselves and each other which we wouldn't have otherwise. 

If you’re interested in ordering a Date Night In box for yourself, you can learn more here.

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