A Silly Night of Fun with the Foundations of Love Date Night In Box – Review

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date night in box review - foundations of love - January 2019

Overview of Date Night In

Date Night In, created by Night In Boxes, is a monthly subscription box service that offers a complete date-at-home experience. Each box includes several items that form a unique and cohesive experience for you and your partner. Date Night In offers a regular box option as well as a faith-based option and subscriptions start at $42 per month, with discounts for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions. Shipping is free within the US. 

This Date Night In Box was provided to me by Night in Boxes for reviewing purposes. The box we received is January's Foundations of Love Faith Night In box.

February Date Night In Box sale

January DNI Box: Foundations of Love

When I first saw this box, I thought we were going to be doing some kind of scientific experiments. When I opened the box, however, I saw that it was jam packed with different craft supplies and candies. It looked like we were going to be building something (something with a strong foundation, perhaps?)

The Foundations of Love Menu

Each box comes with an optional dinner menu designed by Marina of Marina Makes Blog to complement the monthly theme. When you sign into your DNI account, you can view the menu, recipes, and shopping list for the month(s) you’ve subscribed to. The shopping list is a great feature as it has everything you need for the meal plan and it’s conveniently organized into different sections of the grocery store. 

This month's dinner menu was Mexican themed and looked so delicious. It consisted of horchata with tequila (or without), deconstructed pomegranate guacamole, deconstructed ground chicken tacos, and cinnamon and sugar churro muffins. Mexican food is one of my favourites, but sadly because of some food sensitivities in our house, I wasn't able to make this meal this time around. 

The Activities

This box has three different activities, described in the activity guide as "challenges." First, we had to build a popsicle stick tower filled with sentiments about the foundation of our relationship. This was meant to house a candle, but ours seemed pretty wobbly, so we didn't take the risk of lighting a candle inside it.

Then, we had to build another structure out of toothpicks and jellybeans. This one was supposed to be strong enough to hold a box on top. After that, we were challenged to build a third structure out of straws and tape, one that could balance a single jellybean on the top. 

Finally, when all of our structures were made, we were challenged to put the box on top of the toothpick structure and the straw tower on top of the box, then measure it. Night In Boxes was holding a contest to see who could build the tallest structure with the winning couple receiving a $500 gift certificate to Home Depot, so you know we were all over entering that!

date night in box review - foundations of love, toothpick structure
date night in box review - straw tower challenge
date night in review - straw tower challenge

I love that the Faith Night In Box also includes a faith-based discussion guide that helps drive home the theme of the box in a somewhat more meaningful way. This one helps us reinforce the foundation of our relationship by talking about how we communicate love, pursue love, and commit to love. I enjoy this part of the date because it gives us a chance to reflect a bit more and really work together to strengthen our bond. 

The Verdict

My feelings about this Date Night In box were mixed. On the one hand, I felt like the activities were a little repetitive. In the past, I've enjoyed the diversity of activities that Night In Boxes offers, especially the activities where we create something beautiful that we'll actually keep for a long time. It bothered me that these activities created things that would end up being thrown away.

At the same time, I REALLY appreciated this diversion. We are at the end of a very busy season in our house (we are in a musical that goes on stage next week!) and I've pretty much been working around the clock making costumes and firming up last minute details. Taking a break to connect with my husband and just be together doing something silly was not at the top of my list, but it should have been. It's so easy for us to get caught up in doing all the important things that we don't make time to just have fun together doing something silly, and I appreciated the way that this box brought that out in us. 

If you’re interested in ordering a Date Night In box for yourself, you can learn more here.

date night in box review - order your DNI box
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