March 26, 2018

Overcoming the Fear of Writing

Notebook and Pencil

I am currently working on two novels and one non-fiction book about our family's pursuit of God's rest.

I know it may sound ridiculous, but I was unable to admit those words to anyone for years. Years.


Because I was so afraid of labeling myself as a writer, of putting myself out there, of giving people an invitation to judge me. I was riddled with fear.

So I wrote in my secret closet of an office, never telling anyone what I was working on. I spent seven years drafting my first novel before I admitted its existence to even my closest friends.

I’ve since learned that these fears are common to most writers, an insight that gave me great relief. And yet, the fear lingered. It stuck around like a fly on a windshield on a hot summer day. No matter how much I sprayed it and tried to wipe it away, it wouldn’t budge.

But then, something kind of wonderful happened. God gave me a word for 2018 that I would never have chosen for myself. A word that I wanted to reject and stomp on and run away from. But He doesn’t really let us off the hook that easily, does He?

The words was fearless. 

His promise to me was that if I trusted Him,
He would lead me past all the fears that held me back 
from doing what He called me to do.

So here I am, terrified nonetheless, but trusting that He knows who He plans to reach through the words that I write.

Thank you for coming along for the ride!

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