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What to do When Your Kids are Disappointed with God’s Requests

When your kids are disappointed with God's requests - helping kids overcome disappointment - dealing with sad children

Seeing your kids in pain is hard; knowing you caused their pain is harder still.  Not being able to fix it is almost unbearable.  I’ve been dealing with that feeling a lot lately.We’re a big, busy family. Until recently, we were able to manage that just fine. But since our fourth was born, all of the commitments […]

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April 17, 2018

Belonging: Weaving Together the Simple Threads of a Beautiful Tapestry

Belonging in a Beautiful Tapestry

Five years ago, the fabric of my family’s life started unravelling. In September 2012, I left a full-time contract to homeschool our daughters, and, like the overachiever I was, I thought that launching our new adventure with a month-long, multi-modal traverse across Canada would be fun and educational.Hardly.Winter set in quickly and our trip was […]

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