July 18, 2017

My Summer Reading List (part 1)

Summer is finally here! Doesn't it feel wonderful to put away the (school) books and the schedules and pursue some of our more neglected passions in earnest?

Between my kids' classes, my volunteer work, and having a baby in March, the pile of unread books on my nightstand grew like an untended weed this spring. I've been stacking them up, gazing at them lovingly, knowing that hours of entertainment and inspiration lie ahead of me.

But somehow, the middle of July is upon us, and I've hardly touched any of these books.  Enter the summer reading plan.

Stack of books

I've set the intention of reading all 17 of these books this summer, plus a couple of library books that I'm still waiting to get my hands on. I may not be able to read them all cover-to-cover, but I'm going to make use of all of them and get what I need out of them before September rolls around and the school books re-emerge from the big blue box in the garage.

Since my blog is new, I thought that it would help you get to know me better if I do a series on my summer books.

See, all of these are somehow related to different areas of my life that are of current relevance, and a discussion of some of these books should give you a pretty good idea of what is top of mind for me right now. So, here's an overview of what I'll be reading.



I found that the unpredictability of having both a newborn and a toddler has really encroached on my Bible-reading routine in the past few months, and I'm definitely feeling it.

Until my son was born in March, I was getting up at 5:30 each morning to read from my Bible and pray, but all such discipline fell by the wayside as soon as he arrived.

Now that we have a bit more of a routine, I've set the intention of tracking along with my church's study of the Psalms this summer. I'm studying one each day, which should get me through at least the first 50 by the end of August.

While, I love my Homeschool Mom's Bible, I've also found myself using the Bible Gateway app a lot too.

The Homeschool Mom's Bible is a fantastic and uplifting resource (I'll cover it more in a separate post), but I love how the Bible Gateway app let's me listen to each Psalm in several different versions.

I like to listen to them over and over and let each one sink in. It helps the text resonate more deeply within me, and it also allows me to interact with the Psalm multiple times throughout the day, whether I'm nursing my baby or making dinner.


I first dabbled in soap making about five years ago, but I found it so complicated and finicky that I set it aside until this past January, when I became totally addicted to it.

I made several batches in January and February, but this resurrected hobby was another casualty of my son's arrival.

My husband bought me Pure Soapmaking, a book of natural soap recipes by soap queen, Anne Marie Faiola, and I've been very eager to jump back into it. Here's my chance!

This summer, I'll test out some of these drool-worthy recipes and share some of my results.



Until four years ago, I had no involvement with anything theatrical, but since our daughter joined a theatre company in 2013, it's become a major component of our lives.

Both of our older kids have caught the acting bug and we're now signed up for three different companies for the coming year. Not only that, but I've taken on an active role in one of the companies, acting as both a board member and a production manager for one of the shows. More importantly, a dear friend of mine has just finished writing her first musical and has asked me to be involved with the production of her debut run. So exciting!

I figured it's about time that I start broadening my knowledge of what it takes to stage a successful musical, so I'm reading four books in that vein: Everything About Theatre, Stage Manager, The Stage Manager Handbook, and How to Stage a Play.

Process Management

To further add value to the groups I'm working with, I've been brushing up on my process management skills the past couple weeks.

I absolutely adore process improvement--how could anyone not love doing things better and more efficiently, wasting less, and making fewer errors?

It's an addictive subject for me. I'm almost done the first process management book that I took out, Process Mapping, Process Improvement, and Process Management, by Dan Madison, and so far, I'm lovin' it!


Please come back again tomorrow to see the second half of this list.

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